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What is Stand Up Paddle?

What is Stand Up Paddle?

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– Also known as SUP is a new watersports phenomenon –

SUP is quickly gaining popularity all over the world. It originates from Hawaii where a couple of crafty surfers started using paddles to catch waves faster.

They have learned that there’s more fun to it even when there are no waves.

Not long after first SUP boards were made and they were wider and longer than surfboards to provide stability and speed when paddling.

Sup sport grew and many disciplines were created, such as flat water race, downwind ride and SUP surfing.

First of all, the versatility and entertaining experience of Stand Up Paddleboarding is responsible for the SUP slowly replacing classic surfing and even kayaking.

Can be done by anyone!

SUP is unique and can be done by anyone! It is truly a sport for the whole family and it is the reason why it is enjoyed by so many around the globe.

Whether you are 7 or 79 years old or without any previous experience you will quickly learn and enjoy the benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding, which are many.

Sup range goes from general body workout or ultimate endurance and fitness training to a simple exercise in a beautiful nature environment.

In order to share the beautiful experience of the Stand Up Paddling while providing an amazing workout, we created a SUP school on one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean.

Lessons are held at our location in Stobreč (camping site). It has the beautiful sandy beach where the sea meets the river.

The beginners enjoy the calm flat water on river Žrnovnica. Once they acquire stability on the board, they can even go catch a wave in the bay area of Stobreč.

Individual & Group Stand Up Paddle courses
Basic paddling techniques
Paddle holding & Proper stance
Standard turns, Quick turns, Feet movement
Catching waves
Race paddling techniques
Downwind technique
Various stroke stances
Endurance & Trainig tips
SUP hardboards and equipment
1 Hour FREE paddling on any chosen course

20€ per person

  • Group course 2h (minimum 4 attendants, maximum 16)
  • Individual course 2h                       180,00 KN (25€)

    45€ per person

  • Group course 2h (minimum 4 attendants, maximum 16)
  • Individual course 2h                       360,00 KN (48€)
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