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You don’t need a ton of paddleboarding equipment to enjoy your way out. It is as simple as owning just a board and paddle. However you will most likely want a few more accessories down the line. Adding more equipment to your arsenal can make the experience more leisurely, exciting, or make transporting or using your board much easier. We are not going to cover the board types here. If interested, you can easily jump to another topic here. Keep in mind that there are many types of stand up paddle boards to choose from depending on your body type, desired activity and, of course, your budget.
Let’s start:


Paddles also come in different:

  • lengths (add 9-1’0 inches to your height)
  • materials (aluminium, plastic, fiberglass, carbon, mix)
  • sizes (1-part, 2-part, 3-part)

The right paddle for you is determined by your body and activity type, so keep these factors in mind. If you don’t know what is your in-depth field yet, I recommend for a paddle to be a carbon one (at least 50%). It will prolong it’s usability / longevity and upmost, you will not have to struggle with being weighted as the carbon ones are really handy and feel light even after hours of paddling.

Three part paddle
  – It is a good idea, as long as the pin holes are not made loose (to prevent unwanted extra movement between attached parts). If it is a carbon one, I highly doubt there will be any problems regarding pin and a hole that comes in place. I found that full carbon three-fold paddle is one of the best paddles around. Feel is light, stroking at ease and most importantly, UV does not affecting it’s mechanism nor any noticed damages along the paddle. I cannot say that for the standard aluminium paddles as their longevity prediction is 1 year before it cracks all of a sudden by using normal force :). Carbon gets 3 times more expensive in price, but if you want something in between, you can get mix paddle made out of 50% of carbon and 50% aluminium or fiberglass which comes as a bit cheaper option.

Security Leash

security leash coilThere are couple of different versions of an security leash. They all get the job done, preventing your board to get away from you when falling off. I always say to non-swimmers that the board is a big life vest and security leash is enough to keep you off from unwanted outcomes. When you fall off, the board will automatically ping back your way as the tension of a spring will do a momentum swing.
All you need to do is grab a board with both arms that is coming your way and make your way up from there!
All in all, even for swimmers, my recommendation is to have one security leash all the time attached.


Although not necessary, electronic pumps are extremely useful for those who have inflatable SUP boards. They can be plugged directly into the cigarette lighter of your car and make for a quick, effortless setup. They come pretty cheap for the job done, pricing for a decent pump around 100$. You will definitely notice the difference between various pumps on the market:

  • Standard 1 chamber (30$-90$)
  • Dual chamber (60$-135$)
  • Electric 12V (80$-400$)

Try to find or even better just try them on before making a purchase. I have one of bravo btp series pumps and am very satisfied consumer.

If you don’t have desire to get one, you can always find great double chambers like this one from iRocker that will bring extra power comparing to the standard pump. You may want keep your car running while the e-pump is on!

Waterproof Backpack

waterproof bag

When you say paddleboarding equpment, this is inevitable. Having a waterproof SUP bag can make a huge difference during those long excursions or Yoga sessions. Most importantly, having a waterproof bag means you can bring water with you, which is vital when you’re working out and sweating in the sun. Not to mention other beverages and accessories. So, dry bag, anything between 10-20L of storage is a must.

Carrying Strap

carrying strap for sup

carrying strap

Carrying straps are a sleeker alternative to buying a board bag. They’re smaller, lighter, inexpensive, and easy-to-use. Transporting your board between the car and water can be a serious hassle sometimes, so having these straps on hand can really save you some effort.


sup seat add-on

sup seat add-on

Love kayaking or canoeing also? Now you can have a similar experience with your SUP board. Well, first you want to make sure that you have pre-installed O-rings on your board as the seats come with couple of locking buckles. These seats attach to your board so you can sit and have a more relaxing experience on the water. Furthermore, you can buy a Sup paddle with an easy click-on extension for adding another paddle instead of a handle. Really, handy gear.

Waterproof Phone Bag

case for phone

case for phone

Waterproof cases are indispensable if you bring any device or valuable out on the water. They typically float in case you drop them, but keep them tied on somewhere on a board or just put them restfully in a dry bag.

Waterproof/Wireless Headphones

waterpfoor earplugs

waterpfoor earplugs

You want a pair of sports headphones specifically designed to be both waterproof and wireless. Once you incorporate music into your SUP workout or experience, you may never want to go back.

GoPro Mount

Gopro accessories

Gopro accessories

The mounting kits are easily to be found over the Online shops or a local shop very cheap. Of course, this add-on comes in place if you already own a GoPro camera. Having blast pics or a timelapse of your journey is thrilling to watch afterwards. That makes you want to go back and do it again and again exploring new sceneries.

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