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We got our hands on this board just prior the World Corona Virus pandemic. As we paddled through our test drive just prior quarantened, we decided to do an overview of this brand new board and what have we managed to spectate that day. We wish quick recovery to the Covid-19 sufferers all around the world as well as the world economy to re-build.
Let us go back to the board!


With so many inflatable manufacturers out there, it’s hard to pick the winner sometimes. We at Adriatic SUP are always in search of brands that stand out so we can add them to our fleet and finally introduce them to you. This time we found a Lightcorp. Well established brand name in SUP scene that is making progress in board manufacturing almost every year.
From amazing customer service to speedy shippings we are satisfied from the get-go.

Even though their top tier models are popular in the SUP racing scene, we decided to try Lightcorp’s entry-level board. Reason is mostly high demand of our customers and paddlers around the world who are still only discovering Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Model in review is MFT BLUE SERIES 19 FREERIDE 10´10 “x 33” x 6 “.


inflatable Light corp

Like many other boards that we tried out, nothing seems out of ordinary. Board comes in a carton box with a nice Lightcorp logo on all sides.
Once you open the box, the first thing you will see is a beautifully designed blue SUP backpack. Backpack, unfortunately, doesn’t come with built-in wheels like some upper-tier models.

Board is tightly packed inside nylon with all the protective accessories you can find. 2 side fins are protected with hard polystyrene and Eva on the top with another thin protective layer.
Inside the box, you will also find 3 part aluminum paddle with a plastic blade, standard US box fin, hand pump, and repair kit.

Accessories and paddle

Sup daska za napuhavanje

When it comes to this model accessories, everything fits the entry-level standard.

The fin

US box fin is made out of quality materials, unlike some cheaper competitors. Even though we are not big fans of the US box fin setup it’s the most common fin setup you will find at the entry-level and this one will do just fine.

The pump

The hand pump is a generic off-brand piece with lackluster design. Although we expected this at this price range, you always hope for something better in that department. Even so, it is decent and it inflated the board quite fast.

The paddle

The paddle is where the Lightcorp shines. Even with budget models, their paddles are reliable and with excellent clipping mechanism.
This particular 3-part paddle also comes with a floater fixed to the mid-shaft. It is a very convenient add-on that will keep your paddle afloat and you can also slide it down to protect the rails of your board while paddling. Connections between parts are tight with a little give, but that is certainly expected at the entry-level paddle. If you wish that solid feel in the hand you can always opt for a carbon shaft from two or even one-piece that they are offering.

Nevertheless, paddle feels reliable and it doesn’t flutter when the force is applied. Blade of the paddle is on the narrow side but still feels very stable in the water. It makes less resistance without loss of speed in the stroke. The connection between handle and the midshaft is a hand clipper with 2 pins. This mechanism is extremely convenient and probably the most durable one you can find among cheaper paddles.

It will never go loose like systems with screws and adjusting the hight is effortless. The only downside is that you need to be careful not to lose the clipper since you really can’t use the paddle without it.

The design of the paddle itself is very attractive and it comes in blue color with the Lightcorp logo across. Overall, being an entry-level paddle it feels very solid and of high quality.

Board quality

Daska za veslanje Split

The BLUE SERIES MFT FREERIDE combines modern shape, latest technology, and great value for the price.

Materials & tech

The board is lightweight and very stiff, with super easy handling. It is made with the latest MONOCOQUE FUSION TECHNOLOGY. It is a manufacturing process where the PVC topcoat is fused to the drop stitch layer. This technology makes board lightweight and stiff and it is slowly becoming a benchmark in the SUP making industry.
Even though this is a 2 layer board it almost feels like a 3 layer one. We are very satisfied with the rigidity of the board when inflated to just 15psi. Given it is a Monocoque technology it can push the board even to whopping 20psi. At that point, the board feels like it is a hardboard..

Rails are seamless and elegant and everything feels in place. Even Eva foam on top breathes quality combined with excellent design. The board features a nice center handle with foam coat, with company slogan on it, vent on the nose and ring for the leash on the tail.

Board performance & Shape

This model comes in 10´10 “ size and it features speed and added stability. The shape is made to easily glide through the water. Given the larger length, they offer the sensation of speed and a big touring radius. The curve and pulled in the tail give this board high maneuverability, reactivity and speed.
The narrow tail does sacrifice some stability for speed, but nothing that would make this board not suitable for beginners. We would, however, prefer if there was a model with a cut-off tail as an option for paddlers who seek even more stability.

Everything mentioned above makes this board a very enjoyable and versatile all-rounder.
The larger dimensions are suitable for touring and covering longer distances and even for yoga, but the board can also deliver in small waves given the shape and 3 fin setup.
It is everything you would expect of an all-rounder board.


After we tried this board in various conditions, traditionally we have to give this board a green or red light. With not much surprise this board is given a big Green thumbs up light!

  • Pros:
    Extremely stiff
    Very lightweight (10.1kg) at 359 liters
    Modern shape and technology
    Excellent price-performance ratio
    Fast, reactive and with great speed potential
    Beautiful design
  • Cons:
    Generic hand pump
    No wheels on the backpack
    No cut-off tail model option

Stay Tuned! Stay well!

Sup daska za veslanje

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