How to use iSup



Step I

Remove the board from the backpack and unroll it with EVA pad and valve facing up. Do it on a beach or non-sharp environment. Check the valve’s pin that is in the upright position. An upright position will stop the air from coming out of the board and it is a correct position to start inflating. If the pin is in the downward position, press it and turn it (clockwise or counterclockwise, both directions should work) to an upright position.


iSup unpacking Splitsup installationunrolling sup











Step II

A standard hand pump is double-action pump with the adapter that fits the valve. If your hose is not attached to the pump itself, attach it. Make sure there are no leakages after you insert it. Insert the hose and turn it clockwise to lock it into position for inflation. Keep in mind that the PSI gauge on the valve will not read until it reaches 7 PSI. It’s recommended to use double-action mode on the hand pump while the pressure inside the board is not strong. It will speed up the process of inflation. Double action is set when the cap on the hand pump is locked on the pump body.



d-action capinflating inflatable sup  gauge psi sup


Step III

After about 7-8 minutes of pumping, you should be close to the board’s recommended PSI (normally between 12-15 PSI). To finish the last PSI’s remove the cap on the pump body to make inflation easier.


sup fin installationsup fin installmenttightening fin for sup

Step IV

Once you are finished with the pumping, remove the hose and place the valve protection cap back on the board. Install the fin and a assemble the paddle. Your board is ready to use!


three-fold paddle

Sup paddle clipper3-fold paddle installation

Important notices


To deflate the board, remove the valve cap then push the valve pin down and twist it to an open position. The air should start coming out. Once fully deflated it’s time to roll up the board. The best way to start is opposite the board valve so you can push the remaining air out. Also, keep the fins outside when rolling up.


Before doing any kind of water activity, one should check the weather for high winds or thunderstorms. Please don’t go on suspicious conditions. Contact us to tell you what we think! Be close to the shore while paddling for your safety and safety of the sea traffic in general.


Life vests for non-swimmers are advisable. Bringing your phone in a waterproof bag is a good thing, so you can reach anyone anytime if needed. Water, sunblock and a hat is reccomandable. If your SUP has a leak, get in touch with us!


isup paddle split







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