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Hello there good people. All tired of Covid-19 pandemic? Let’s try to cheer you up and talk about traveling in this article.

Why we travel?

Maybe one day you will be struck with the idea of travelling and guess what? Who doesn’t like travelling?
Getting out from your city comfort zone making you wanting to see other places which are an complete unknown to you in terms of scenery, lifestyle, language and culture might be memorable experience.
Of course, just putting yourself in a position that you decided to travel, means you are free of your everyday obligations in most cases, work, family etc.

It’s time to relax and clear your mind. It does not sound good if you use your vacation without leaving your hometown, doesn’t it? So, there is one question that comes above all. Where actually squeeze in one week vacation in my calendar? Simply put, what time is the best to visit Split and our beautiful country?

Timing aproach

There are few of you who has wider free time range concerning travel calendar and you might find this article useful and informative about picking your right time to come in Split. On the other hand, most of you just need to simply follow specific dates that your employer has written down for you.
For you, perhaps, you may tweak it a little bit if needed.
In the end, you don’t want strong cold wind to mess up with your sailing plans.

Let’s say you are sea type of person not liking low sea temperature, wanting to take a swim and jumping into an ice pit. Wooh!

To help you out and make this article useful, I will try to cover all the pros and cons for you regarding Split and it’s surrooundings as an individual subject of analysis concerning weather, traffic and local lifestyle habits.So, I’ll just start an analysis in some chart-like style and make some simple data so you guys can decide which timing would work for you best.

split mountain scenery


It’s winter time. It’s one of the quitest months in terms of, well, basically everything. Starting from trees and vegetation keeping their palish and naked state giving the immpresion they won’t wake up any soon. These months come with lowest air and sea temperatures alongside with some cold rains, cold winds etc. Locals mostly stay in their homes, spending their time with families and friends. No usual traffic on the sea except few local ferries fulfiling the routine of transporting everyday workers to the island and back. Many restaurants, shops and fun clubs are closed. It is off-season, which means, less or no tourists at all.


These months represent cold start and quick transition to a warmer days. March can be cold, if not the coldest of all and by the beggining of April, sun heat slowly takes over. We can see first tourists and for most locals, it means the upcoming season wake up call. By the end of April, sun indeed shines high up in the sky and the days become longer and longer. Winds on the other hand, maintain twistiness with amplitude changes. We do have sun by then with mostly clear sky and little or no rains, but air temperature depends high on wind turbulence.

The temperature might be as low as in the heart of the winter and as high, at some points of the day, as the beggining of the summer. Still, the weather is perfect for nature walking and spending some time in the nearby mountains. Trees and the rest of vegetation are blooming with colors in a re-birthing way. Sun here at those days really is a treasure. You might not like the
sea temperature as it stays cold from the winter times. It might be tempting to take a swim as the sun heats up in mid-day, but most of people will find sea quite cold (cca.16c).

April can be suitable for some water activities, if there’s no wind and still not be taking a swim.
E.G. Boating, Sailing, Stand up Paddling, Kayaksplit view from mosor


These months represent official swimming season opening. May still might be cold for many swimmers, but June is a go for most of us. Sun rapidly heats up the surface and we have the longest days periods in these two months. You might find these months really nice. Winds maintain their unpredictability, but, their amplitude and volatility surpasses. Ideal temperatures are suitable for, well, basicly any possibly given activity.
So, give it a go if you are one of the low summer lowers.Paddling through canjon of Cetina


In this period, everything adds up comparing with previos period. It’s perfectly warm (if not too warm) for staying at the beach whole day long. Swim or just staying in shade in just a swimsuit and reading a book is a charm. Temperatures in these periods might reach up to 40 degrees Celzius, but some aproximate would probably be around 30.

During this period, you might find that when sun sets down in the sea, nights become magicaly calm and cosy and unveil secrets which only summer night can hold.


The two months mentioned, I hold as the most suitable months to come for a visit. Beggining of September and end of October differ, so somewhat in the middle might be a bingo. Thing is, this period offers every single aspect in their best. What makes me to say that? Well, if anything, life teaches that balance is one key to complete satisfaction, and guess what, these months are like that. Balance in every term. Temperatures are ranging from light warm to moderate. Winds are at its moderate aplitudes as well. Sea is usually the calmest and the temperature is just right. One might like the idea that these months are not as crowdy as previous ones.

Moderate, balanced and way to go if you ask me who spent whole his life here šŸ™‚


Still one can feel the late summer (in the begining of this period), but, as the time passes, volatile winds are taking over and lowering the temperatures even more. It doesn’t get as cold as the first three months at the start of the year and swimming might still be an option for swim lovers, but progressing further into this period, days do rapidly get shorter. Activity offer cuts off, many restaurants and clubs are gradually closing down along with the beach offers and coffee shops. You might find interesting to visit Split for a quick vacation during Christmas period.

We do hang out more than usuall and promenade is busy with locals as in its peak.

,split winter fun

So, there you go. If you are scenery lover, sea lover or just a sport lover, April to November, we will take care that you get maximum of the summer time. We offer nice activity with much of fun suitable
for any age group.

Choose your best time to come according your requirements and wish you great vacation in our part of our little paradise.Paddling through canjon

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